[Verse 1]
Gazing out the window, clear skies
Falling leaves, neighbors fighting every morning
So I'm walking past a woman with her tears dried
Can't seem to leave either, though

Maybe it's kids involved, well, I don't need to know
Tough time as it is, finding the balance between
Pursuing a passion and making a living
And so far I haven't been decent at either, so

Change is in order, gotta move forward
The hamster wheel is getting too crowded
Ambition is a trip, loving what I do
But not knowing what to do with it

Nonstop bombardment about who's really getting it
Drowning my question what the point of it all is
Praising mediocrity for raising the bar and it
Feels like Kings pre-flop, but all calling

This Harleckin's got serious, Now We're Talkin'
The pressure weighs heavy so I'm walking it off
Tired of the premise of expecting things
That our own self-centered butts never invested

Tired of being blunt but not getting the message
Across, when I look at you, I'm seeing my flaws
When I look in the mirror, I'm seeing scars
On a subdermal level that should never concern you

To be honest, loving yourself can hurt too
Seeing your worth, but not seeing what it's worth to
It's whole another argument
If you're not the right recipient then forward it

We ain't here for ourselves alone
Even if we're often here, with ourselves, alone
Fine line between solitude, and the lack
Of interaction with the outside world that bothers you

We gotta learn to see days to look forward to...
Like this one, and then some
On a grassy patch watching the sun set
Or talking till you overhear the birds conversing

On the outskirts of Berlin, at a lake
Granted contemplation that's not found in churches
Away from people that always seem to look for something
But never seem to know why they're searching

Trading one need, for another, every purchase
Superficial interest expressed through flirting
Makes me want to press forward to the part
Of the conversation where we both clarify what we're wanting

Even if it's just one thing
Like "can you pass me the ashtray?"
Being straight-forward shouldn't be a problem
And yet I'm waking up to these thoughts every morning

I gotta find a way to move forward
Even though I can't outrun entropy
I gotta find a way to move forward
Otherwise who I was'll be my destiny...


from Rewind, released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Skipless Ikaalinen, Finland

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