[Verse 1]
I lost many dreams to sleepless nights
And even when I did dream, I had a problem to retain it
I wonder if the patterns I see in life
Say more about me or the ones perpetuating them

We discount those of lesser station
But add money to the equation, you see a saint in them
Before you mention saints who should be considered?
Even Mahatma Gandhi used to kill Zulu with the British

Why do we assert no person is perfect
When we expect from people to have everything working
Before we even consider to commit
Like we all don't have baggage we don't need in the cellar and shit

What if soul mates are a lie and who ends up chosen
Is due to oxytocin, androstenones and shit
And you can put limerence over limericks
The most beautiful illusion upheld wins

What if I told you that the answers you seek
Won't solve your depression, they just brand you as weak
Because we all wanna hear about an ending that's good
But then ignore that the process is harder than our problems

We expect people's support but won't lend
Equal support, unless they wouldn't need our support
Because we fawn over those who're seen as the stars
But don't you even retort, that's why I need to withdraw so often

From people to even have some peace for a portion
Of a day, that otherwise only leads to exhaustion
Some days I just want to be me but I have started to believe
That it is hard enough to meet that prospect

You can't see me in photos, I don't exist
You'll have fun with your friends, I'm nowhere in the midst
I'm peripheral to most lives, sometimes I wonder what if
My soul could slip out of my hide

What is being said about me, when I ain't there
Even though my self-defense is pretense that I don't care -
Well I obviously do, seeking for a reason why to pursue
A woman who seems to like me, too busy to write me, though

Is my tendency to overthink harmful?
Why do I repeatedly choose to involve you?
Why do I want companionship for a reason
Other than the one expected, I'm tired of all the questions

Where's the money? All else is just a certificate
Of participation that doesn't mean shit
I mean, that's how you wanna play, right?
We could fuck when it's dark but you won't know me during daylight

I learned so much about women but so far
Relationships appear to be subject to Briffault's law
That's why I don't take physical cues
You're prob'ly thinking I'm oblivious to

I'm just tired of the games, tired of the "why"s and "can't"s
Tired of the "I understand"s
Tired of the promises and tired of demands
Life's a zero-sum-game to get inside of them pants

Romantic ideals often turn to visions crushed
Trading trust for a quick fix of Tinder lust
Live it up, we're all just fickle trying to feel the rush
Tomorrow it may occur we'll see a different us


from Rewind, released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Skipless Ikaalinen, Finland

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